World Pun Championships 2014

Here’s me at the O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships in Texas last month, in the ‘Puniest‘ category, dressed as a chicken.

The Competition has been going since 1978 and attracts serious punsters from across the country.

.. and here’s me bowing out in the ‘Punslingers‘ category to the then World Pun Title holder, Ben Ziek:

Edinburgh 2013

If you missed me in Edinburgh last year, here’s some footage of it.
I’ll be at the Edinburgh 2014 Fringe also.

Chicken Meow! At the Brighton Fringe

I shall be doing another show of completely new jokes at the Fringe in Brighton this may. Click the link below to buy tickets. Only £3.


Brighton Fringe Box Office – Darren Walsh: Chicken Meow 3, 4, 30, 31 May

UK Pun Championships

I won the very first UK Pun Championships at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival


Chortle review: The UK Pun Championships – Gig review by Steve Bennett

Also, you can hear me talking about it on BBC Radio Leicester:

Leicester Comedy Festival 2014

Come see my first solo hour at the Leicester comedy Festival.

It’s called Chicken Meow and it’s on the 15th of February.

Darren Walsh: Chicken Meow

I am also taking part in the Uk Pun Championships on the 13th of February and Joke Thieves on the 21st.

BBC Radio 4 Extra

You can hear me on Radio 4 as part of the BBC New Comedy Award, here:

Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian of 2013

I won the very first Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian of 2013 competition. It had 250 entrants and was a high quality line up at the final. There’s a review of it here: London is Funny: Review – Comedy Knights New Act Competition final

Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian 2013 Final

Post-Edinburgh 2013

Edinburgh 2013 - I am a Giant

After doing over 100 gigs, beating up an invisible horse 50 times, I am now recovering. Edinburgh was an absolute blast. My solo show got a reckoning from Fringe veteran reviewer Kate Copstick:

Darren Walsh is indeed very tall. He is also very funny. And smart enough to bring us half an hour of pretty much solid laughter in a half-hour show, rather than the half-hour of laughter many lesser comics bring us in an hour-long show.

The most labour intensive kind of comic is a gag merchant, a punster. Out onstage with no narrative safety net and no point-making padding must be the scariest of places, but Walsh seems impressively relaxed. He is a genial presence, not manic like Tim Vine, not wonderfully nerdy like Gary Delaney and not deadpan like Jimmy Carr, but very much his own mirthmaker.

And the jokes just keep coming. There are puns and props, sound gags and sight gags, gigglers and groaners. The 30 minutes hurtle past. I am not going to quote any here, you will just have to take my word for it that you would have to be a very sad person not to enjoy this cheerful, jokeful hour.

And another one from ThreeWeeks:

Darren Walsh makes a hilarious stand-up debut with ‘I am A Giant’, a performance that showcases the six-foot-eight comedian’s huge reserves of comic potential. His razor sharp one-liners offer a brilliant take on life’s little eccentricities and the everyday expressions we take for granted.  These are supplemented by delightfully bizarre and impeccably delivered puns and visual gags which are guaranteed to leave you laughing.  Although his progression from one joke to the next can be a little disjointed and his slightly cringeworthy comedy songs became a little tiresome by the end of his half hour stint, it was still an incredibly funny performance. This show is not perfect, but Darren Walsh is undoubtedly a Milton Jones in the making and I’m sure we have not seen the last of him.

So, only two reviews, but I got a lot of audience reaction on Twitter. I am going to upload video footage and retire most of material creating new stuff for next year.

Edinburgh 2013

I have a very busy timetable at Edinburgh this year. 80 gigs in total. This is my daily schedule:

12pm Big Value Showcase.

…bringing you the best of the up-and-coming talent for almost 20 years. These comedians are about to hit the big-shot, so come and catch them here first. Our lunchtime launchpad for future legends! Previous Big Valuer’s include Jon Richardson, Sarah Millican, Micky Flanagan and Seann Walsh.

2:30pm Atella The Pun.

Improvised punning! Dressed an ancient warlords Atella the Pun and Ghengis Pun. Different show every day and quite possibly more jokes than any other Fringe show.

4:45pm Darren Walsh: I am a Giant..

Me going solo. This is my main show. No pressure then. I’ve made the Top 10 Free Shows in Timeout, and also in Laugh Out London!

And here are a few other shows I’m appearing in:

18th Aug, 6:40pm Chortle: Fast Fringe.

3 minutes to impress. How many jokes can I cram in?

15th Aug, 6:15pm Amused Moose Gangshow.

This year, Hils showcases new and upcoming acts in the Caves.

15th Aug, 6:05pm Pun Run Edinburgh.

There’s no other gig where I walk in and think, “I’m home…”

15th Aug, 10pm Joke Thieves.

Comedians are made to do each others sets. I’m really looking forward to seeing someone try and beat up a horse.

Plus many more

Brighton Fringe 2013

The Brighton Fringe has finished for this year and I had the best time doing my solo show since I started, 3 years ago. Massive thanks to everyone who supported.

Brighton Fringe 2013

I got a couple of nice reviews, click to read full version:

Broadway Baby“Walsh is all set to become the new ruler of the comedy kingdom”

Brighton Gig Blog“The tall fella’s going far.”